educational consulting

We support educators and community members in re-centering their core focus so that they can lead with intention, balance, and joy

Educators and community members need a clear roadmap

on how to integrate equity-based solutions to increase students’ academic and social achievement.

You’ve spent the funds to purchase new curriculum and send your employees to training, yet throwing money at a problem without doing the necessary internal work to change mindsets, is creating a cycle of implementing new initiatives without fidelity, accountability, and on-going support.

It’s time to flex your approach!

Flex from the typical one-and-done learning experience

to a nurturing space of learning, joy, and radical love.

We support you via a root–cause analysis process to efficiently develop a 90-day plan to transform your learning experience. We can also support you with leadership consulting, workshops, and keynote speaking.

Flex your purpose and passion into a plan for success!

Our educational consulting services include:

Leadership Coaching

An empathetic yet challenging environment will help you thrive; 3-months, 6-months, or 10-month coaching packages for one-on-one or small group hybrid coaching experiences. Timely, targeted, and strategic feedback and support.

90-Day Cycle Development

6 or 12 month packaged experience with root-cause analysis, equity-audit, a 90-day plan (1 or 2 cycles) and incremental hybrid checkpoint coaching.

Educational Identity Formation Workshops

Learning to look within is the first step to flexing your knowledge and tapping into your identity-based assets. Our workshops include "Developing your ‘Why’ Statement" and "The Best Part of Me Experience".

Keynote Speaking

Our presentations are "Is Equity a Noun or a Verb in Your Improvement Plan?" and "Aligning Your Procedures With the People You Serve". These presentations can be virtual or in-person with an option for follow-up session (s).

Rather have a one-time consultation?

Let's connect and discuss how Flex Your Word can support your work!

Meet Your Consultant

April Mouton

Meet Your Consultant

April Mouton

April has served as a mathematics and cultural studies teacher, site and district-level administrator, and educational consultant for over 20 years.

She received a bachelor’s in Political Science and a double minor in Mathematics and African Studies from the University of California, Davis. She also received her Master’s in Counseling Education, K-8 teaching credential, administrative and pupil personnel credential from San José State University.

April is currently a School Improvement doctoral candidate at Texas State University (anticipated graduation December 2023).

Over her 20-year career, April has been empowered with the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to help you develop equity-centered protocols, implement community learning exchanges, and transform your educational learning experiences.

Books and Publications


Spades, Dominoes, and Hot Combs: The Kitchen-table Talk That Is Necessary to Redesign Our PK-12 Schools


Preparing to Lead: Narratives of Aspiring School Leaders in a "Post"-COVID World

Are you Ready to get started?

Transforming your educational learning environment begins with a single first step.
Schedule A Consultation
During the call, we’ll discuss your organization’s goals.
Data Analysis
Behavior and data is a form of communication. What’s your data trying to say? Once on-boarded, you’ll send Coach April data to review in preparation for a root-cause analysis, coaching, or workshop session.
Begin Your Coaching, Cycle, or Workshop
During your time with Coach April, she will guide and support you and your team in developing a nurturing learning environment for your educators, scholars, and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a partnership is developed, clients have the option of engaging in a 3, 6, or 10-month coaching relationship.

The cost of services ranges between $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the length of the partnership, the delivery mode of the service, and the details of the contract. All pricing will be outlined and established during the consultation meeting.

Our educational consulting services are designed for educators, district teams, community members, and non-profits who desire to establish, maintain, and cultivate equity-centered learning environments for their educators, scholars, and community. If you and your team could benefit from an equity-expert partnership; and have a desire to unpack the root cause of a system-based issue, develop an actionable plan for change, and find the balance between leading with intention and joy– our workshops, coaching plans, or 90-day cycle development sessions would be best suited for you.

After identifying your goals during the consultation meeting, Coach April will align your needs to either a 1:1 or small group setting.